Do I need an appointment to visit Mia’s Bridal?
Currently an appointment is required for all appointments at our store to ensure you have the safest and best experience possible.  This also allows for us to gain the appropriate information to allow your consultant to be prepared.

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Can I bring my family and friends with me to my appointment?
Please do, but we are limiting the number of guests due to Covid-19.  Ask your consultant about how many guests you can bring.  Remember, too many opinions can lead to confusion.  Also, we are a smaller salon, so space is limited. Although we all love children, it is best to not bring them to protect the frailty of the gowns and to allow for a more comfortable try on experience.  Exceptions can be made, of course.


When should I begin gown shopping?
It is never too soon to begin your search.  Some brides start the day after their engagement.  Usually, it is best to start looking 10-12 months prior to your date.  This allows you enough time to narrow down your selection and order the gown with plenty of time for alterations or any delays.


Help! I’m a last minute bride. Can I still purchase a wedding gown?
Yes!  Dresses can always be purchased off the rack and altered to fit.  We can also check stock with our manufacturers to see if they have anything hanging or in transit to their facility.

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What is the price range of your gowns?
We offer a full range of designer gowns to meet any budget. Informal dresses typically range from $900-$1200. Formal gowns range from $1200-$2500.

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Can I complete my entire bridal look (gown, headpiece, veil, jewelry, bridal belt/sash) at Mia’s?
Yes! We have all the accessories to complete your look.  Ask us about setting up a Finishing Touches appointment if you’ve already ordered your gown.

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Do you offer alterations?
Our expert seamstresses provide alterations on any gown purchased from our store.  We can often alter gowns not purchased from our store, depending on the event date, where the gown was purchased from and what alterations are needed.  Ask a store associate for more details if your dress was NOT purchased from Mia’s. The cost of alterations is not included in the price of your gown. Please make sure you set up an appointment. Bridesmaids typically need to be fitted 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date; Wedding gowns should be fitted 8-10 weeks prior. Please schedule your appointment accordingly.  We do alter regular clothing as well. For any type of alterations, we do require an appointment.


Do you offer wedding gown preservation?
Yes! Wedding gown cleaning & preservation services is provided by Wedding Gown Preservation Co. Bring your gown into Mia’s, pay the cleaning/preservation fee, and 6-8 weeks later (10-12 weeks during peak season) you will receive a call to pick up the preserved gown. The typical charge is $349.00 + tax, however, adding additional items to the box can incur an extra fee. Silk gowns or intricately beaded or lace gowns may also incur an additional charge.


What form of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or cash. We no longer accept checks.


What are your store policies?
Payment in full is required before an order can be placed.

Alterations are not included in the price of your gown.

We cannot guarantee size or fit on special orders. Measurements are taken, however, the dress is not custom made to those measurements. Most often alterations are needed.

There is often an additional fee for sizes ordered 18 and larger (including women’s sizes), for extra length and for rush cuts.

All sales are final due to the unique nature of bridal and formal wear. No cancellations, exchanges or refunds. Payments are non-refundable.