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    **Please note: All orders require payment in full before ordering, and no refund is available. All sales are final. No cancellation is available for special orders, even in the event of a cancelled wedding. There is a 15% cancellation fee for transactions that are cancelled prior to being ordered.

    I have read the important information above & following this form. I accept the terms & understand that ultimately I decide the size that is being ordered for me. I understand I will be contacted within 2 business days upon receiving this form for sizing &/or payment.

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    Please read this carefully, and contact us at 913.764.9114 if you should have any questions.

    MEASUREMENTS: Bridal shops take your measurements to compare them to the specific manufacturer size chart and to order the size that best fits your shape. Few people fit perfectly into a garment without some “customizing” to their body, so anticipate alterations will be needed. The most misunderstood concept by customers is that they think when a shop takes their measurements, the dress ordered will fit perfectly. WRONG! Measurements are only used to determine the closest size according to the manufacturer’s size chart.

    SIZING: Bridal attire usually fits smaller than clothes purchased in other stores. You may go up as far as 3 sizes from what you normally wear. It is usually better to order larger, since taking in is typically easier & less expensive than letting out. Letting out is not always an option, depending on the type of material and style of the dress. Remember: any dress can be altered to fit if it is too big.

    HEIGHT: All dresses are cut for approximately a 5’9″ height (58-59″ Hollow-to-Hem). If you are taller than 5’9″, you may need to order extra length. This involves an extra charge from the manufacturer. Companies typically add 3-6 inches to the length. Mori Lee currently is the only bridesmaid manufacturer that we carry that does not allow extra length (they do cut their length slightly longer with a 60-61″ Hollow-to-Hem, however).

    To measure the Hollow-to-Hem, measure from the hollow of the neck (indention in center of collar bone) to the natural waist line (usually above belly button) to the floor (providing us with the total measurement). If you are 5’8″ but plan on wearing 3″ heels, you either want to wear a lower heel or order extra length.

    If you are shorter than 5’8″, you most likely will need to get the dress hemmed. Along with adjusting the hem, the dress most likely will need to be altered to make it more “petite” for your size. Regardless of the size you order, it will appear TOO big. Changing dresses to a “petite” size is an additional alteration cost. Alterations DO NOT have to be done in our store, however if you are doing alterations with us, please make sure you set up an alteration appointment to ensure there is a room and a seamstress to fit you.

    ORDERING: Once this form is received, a consultant from Mia’s will contact you to discuss size (if needed) and/or payment. Your order is not complete until we have the electronic form or signed form on file, payment in full on the dress and the size to be ordered determined.

    ARRIVAL OF GOWN: We will notify you (or the bride) upon arrival of your gown. If you have requested shipping of your gown, we will contact you to confirm your shipping address prior to shipping the gown to you. In the case that the event was cancelled, any balances remaining must be paid within 5 days of arrival of the item(s) and the gown must be picked up promptly. Items remaining in store over 60 days from the event date will be donated or sold.

    All of this is discussed in the store with every customer. We at Mia’s Bridal want everyone to understand what is involved with ordering dresses. The same situations will arise regardless of the bridal shop-we all order from the same suppliers. We want to make sure there are no hidden surprises. If you have any questions, please let us know. We want your experience with us to be a positive one.

    Thank you,

    The Staff at Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring