Tuxedo FAQs and Tips

When should we begin checking out menswear? 

The process for menswear can begin as early as you are ready. With the excitement of wedding planning, it is very common for brides/grooms to start their order 6 to 8 months in advance. If your wedding is being planned very quickly, we can definitely accommodate you, even if your wedding is next week!

What is the price difference between renting and purchasing? 

Depending on the designer, the pricing could be very comparable. The rental packages range from $169-$229. Our standard suit purchases (available in a multitude of colors) range from $199-$349, and then accessories (shirts, vest, ties, shoes) can be rented or purchased to create a one of a kind look for your BIG DAY! We have designer suit purchases available as well, starting at $499.

Can I purchase my suit, and the other guys rent?  

We have a great program through Jims Formal Wear where their most popular suits are available to rent or buy. Keep in mind these are the designer suits, so the pricing will begin at $499 for the coat and pant purchase.

What is included with the rental? 

The standard rental package will come with the coat, pant, shirt, vest, tie, shoes and cufflinks. We do offer custom packages as well. In addition, we can rent separate pieces such as suspenders, pants, shirts and ties.

I have a lot of guys out of town; Can I still get their suits/tuxedos from Mia’s Bridal?  

Of course! We can take care of guys from ALL over! Your guys that are not local can get measured at any formal wear provider. They can submit their measurements to us either via our website, mail or a phone call is always welcome. We also can have their items shipped directly to them for a nominal fee!

{Submit measurements here}

When should I have my wedding party fitted?  

Your wedding party can get measured as early as they prefer, however we suggest about 2-3 months in advance so that the order can be placed (sometimes earlier for purchase items). This way the guys do not gain/lose too much weight before the next fitting. If they change in size, they can be re-measured 3-4 weeks prior to the big day (for rentals).

My ring bearers are still growing…when should they be measured? 

We want them measured as close to the wedding as possible. Usually 3-4 weeks before the wedding is ideal so that the least amount of growth occurs.

Is there a second fitting involved?  

You bet! Rentals are typically in store 1-3 days before the wedding. All the guys will need to be available at that time to try on their tuxes to ensure a proper fit. Last minute adjustments can be done in store while the guy waits.  For purchase suits, an alteration fitting will need to be scheduled once the suit has arrived from order.  For any out of town guys, the fitting can be scheduled for the week of the wedding once they arrive in town.

Do all my men have to pick up the rental tuxedo or suit at Mia’s Bridal?  

No! However, it is highly encouraged!  We offer personal attention to ensure a proper fit for the wedding day. If someone is unable to pick up their own rental, it can be picked up by a member of the party once the balance is paid in full. We then ask that it be tried on as soon as possible so that we can do any last-minute adjustments if needed. If the member prefers, we now offer direct shipping for a nominal fee if requested 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Do I have to make an appointment for fittings?  

Due to Covid-19, we do require an appointment to be made to pick up and try on your rental items. Currently we need an appointment for measurement appointments as well.

When should the rentals be returned?  

The tuxedos will be due back the Tuesday immediately following the event* between 10am-6pm.

* Return dates will vary for events not on Friday or Saturday

I want the groom to be set apart from the rest of the party…what is the best way to do this? 

This is just as much the groom’s day as it is the bride’s day. He needs to be special also! Typically the groom can go in a white or ivory vest/tie (depending on the wedding dress color), or silver or platinum based on preference. We also have some grooms that choose to change a small detail such as a pattern on the tie or type of tie (Windsor vs. bow tie). This is your wedding, so it is your choice. Anything goes 🙂

Wedding Party

I don’t live in Kansas City…can I get measured in my hometown? 

Of course! We can take care of guys from ALL over! You can get measured at any formal wear provider. Then you can submit your measurements to us either via the link below, mail or a phone call is always welcome.

{Submit measurements online here}

What is the fitting process?  

Your measurements will take place 2-3 months before the wedding (If it is a child under the age of 12, 2-3 weeks before the event is best). For rentals, the tuxedo/suit will come in based on the measurements that are provided or taken. The tuxedo/suit will be available for try on a couple of days before the wedding. At that time, we will do any adjustments or alterations as needed, and then you will be set to take your tuxedo/suit with you (once payment has been made)! For suit purchases, plan on coming in to try on your suit once it arrives from order to mark any necessary alterations (we provide a complimentary hem).  If you are from out of town, we can complete your fitting once you arrive in town for the wedding.

When can I pick up my tuxedo? 

Depending on the day of the event, the tuxedo/suit rental will be available to pick up 1-3 days prior to the event. Sometimes we have them available sooner depending on the season. We will contact you to set your appointment as soon as your items are available.  For purchase suits, schedule your alteration fitting as soon as possible once the suit has arrived from order.  All purchase suits will require at least a pant hem as the hem comes unfinished (we provide the hem complimentary, but all other alterations incur a fee).

What is best to wear to my initial measurement fitting?

Your everyday street clothes are fine to wear to your fitting. You want to be sure that if you wear a sweater/sweatshirt, that you have a shirt on underneath. You do not want to risk sizing over large clothing, and we want to ensure we get the most accurate measurements.

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